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Q: How can I use these beats?
A: You can use these beats on your solo album, produce an album for another artist, score a film, create music for a television show, film or video game, mix tape, work on a commercial, WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF!

When you purchase a membership from BeatsLocker.com you are purchasing the non-exclusive rights to every beat that is non exclusive in our database!

The only thing you can't do is sell these beats without adding your voice or sell them as instrumentals.

What about using the music instrumentals for internet marketers, product videos, websites, Product and instructional Mp3's, podcasts... ?

We do realize the needs are different for internet marketers than a music artist or a person wanting to place music in a film or tv show.... basically what we are saying is, you just cant re-package these beats and resell them as instrumentals. You can't re-sell or give the Beatslocker music away as an instrumental music only product or include the Beatslocker music in a physical product where the music is on it's own...It must be incorporated into a production of some kind where the main focus is on the production.

Also, more for music artists, if they sell more than 10, 000 units or place it in a film or tv show we ask for a license agreement in order to be fair to the track writers..with or without vocals...
Q: Are there any hidden fees? How much does it cost?
A: No. NO HIDDEN FEES! Whether you purchase an individual beat or sign up for a BeatsLocker membership and download all of our beats forever there are absolutely no re-occurring charges ever.
Q: What format do the beats come in?
A: All the beats on BeatsLocker.com are instant direct downloads at a 192k rate MP3 format. We also offer several other upgrade options.

We also offer a  option to get the audio file (Not all beats have audio files) If you need these files with all the parts of the beat separated so you can do your own arrangement and mix.
Q: Are these beats completely untagged when I download them? (meaning the girls or guys voice that is on top of them when you listen as a non member)
A: Yes. THESE BEATS ARE ALL UNTAGGED!! When you purchase a membership with BeatsLocker.com you are given immediate access to our database, The girls or guys voice that you hear on the previews when you enter the site as a non member, are only on the beats to protect them from beat-jackers. The commercial audio tags are not on the member's versions.
Q: How long are the beats?
A: Non Exclusive Beats are full length fully arranged tracks. These tracks vary in length, but are all around around 3:30 each. You can edit them as you wish to suit your production.

Loops are either 4 or 8 measures long.

Exclusive Custom Beats are  full length fully arranged tracks. These tracks vary in length, but are all around 3:30 each.

You can edit them as you wish to suit your production..

When you buy an exclusive custom beat, you will receive all the tracks on CD in wav format separated and unmastered on a CD and a downloadable mp3 file to get started. This will give you the ultimate in flexiblity for creating your "own" unique version of your song.
Q: How can I get exclusive rights to these instrumental beats?
A: To get exclusive rights to a track from beatslocker.com, you need to purchase a exclusive rights agreement with us. Not all beats will be available as a exclusive beat. If there is a track you want to pull off of our database email us and we will let you know if that is possible. Please remember that anyone that has already downloaded the track before we made it exclusive for you,  can still use that track as it was previous to our agreement with you.

If we are doing a custom exclusive beat for you than of course you have exclusive rights and no other person can use it.
Q: Do these beats use samples or contain any copyrighted material?
A: No. All of our beats are 100% original, and 100% sample free.

If you have asked us to make a exclusive beat for you and you wanted us to use  samples for your custom production that you have provided you will be responsible for clearing all samples used with respective copyright owners.
Q: Can I sell the song(s) I make with these beats? Can use in a film or TV Show?

Upon purchase of this beat, you will be able to download this beat instantly, and print the complete license agreement of this beat for your record. You will also be granted the right:
• 1. To make one (1) derivative work with the beat (example: adding vocals)
• 2. To make one (1) commercial use of the derivative work for profit, or for non-profit (example: sell the song on CD, online, mix tape etc)
• 3. To distribute, perform the derivative work
• 4. You do not have permisson to resell the beat as long as you have added your own vocals.  This beat is ROYALTY FREE. Which means the price you pay is the only price you will pay; and you don't have to pay the producer any other fee after this payment even if you record becomes a hit up to 5,000 units in sales.  Please contact us for Royalty fees after 5,000 units.

You MUST give credit To Beatslocker. in a form such as  "Beats produced by beatsLocker.com"

Q: Can I extended or shorten any of these beats? Double the chorus or intro?
A: Yes. You can customize the beats anyway you choose.

If you are unable to do it yourself, we also offer  a optional service. BeatsLocker.com will rearrange it shorter or longer, and also do things like double a chorus, repeat intro etc.

 If you prefer it on CD, we will mail it out to you as well as give you the direct download option. These options can be found here
Q: Who makes these beats?
A: All tracks, beats, sounds ect. are produced in various studios by different producers, and and are copyright BeatsLocker.com.

All our beats are completely ORIGINAL and we do not use pre-bought or other companies' loops in any of our beats
Q: Do I have to pay Royalties? Publishing Fees? Mechanical Rights?
A: No., All our non- exclusive beats and sounds are royalty free up to 5,000 units in sales.  Please contact us for fees past the 5,000 units.
Q: Do I get exclusive rights to these beats?

When you become a member, you are automatically given the right to use our beats, on a non exclusive basis. You can: 

1. Make one (1) derivative work with each beat (example: adding vocals) 
2. Make one (1) commercial production of the derivative work for profit, or for non-profit (example: sell the song on CD, online, mix tape etc)

You might have the option to buy a beat exclusively, short of whoever has already downloaded it previously. Once you purchase it as exclusive it will no longer be available to anyone else!

Please email us if you have a particular beat you would want to purchase as exclusive.

All beats on Beatslocker.com are  Non-Exclusive to members. This means you can use our beats in demos, samples or whatever you want, as long as you do not resell our beats without your vocals or rap added.  You cannot repackage and sell the beats individually or as instrumentals.


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